Updated 4/18/2024


3 Years, Male

Domestic Shorthair
Need: 4-6 Weeks

Tiger came in as a stray a few months ago with his legs and pelvis broken. He had surgery and is most of the way through recovery but just needs some additional healing time for his pelvis. He should be contained to one room because he is still healing and building muscle. He should not be allowed to interact with other animals. He needs foster until his repeat xrays in a few weeks, maybe longer depending on the results. He is a super friendly and cuddly cat who loves attention. He would prefer someone who is home a little more often and gets a little vocal when alone.

1 Year

Needs: ~2.5 Months

Penelope is pretty far along in her pregnancy and needs a safe, quiet place to have her babies. We expect her to have her kittens within the next 2 weeks, we are not sure how many. She is pretty outgoing and demands pets as often as she can. She can be a little vocal when she wants attention and would love someone she can follow around. She loves people!