Blue nose pit bull

It’s a sad but inevitable fact that our pets will eventually reach the end of their lives. The already difficult process of making final plans for your pet can become even more challenging when finances are tight. The Connecticut Humane Society and its Fox Memorial Clinic offer euthanasia services, and cremation services via a partnership with Final Gift. Even if your pet has already passed away, you may bring him or her to CHS for cremation services.

Medical Cases:

If you believe your pet is sick, schedule an exam with your veterinarian. He or she is most familiar with your pet’s medical history and can help you decide if it’s time or if there are other treatment options. If it is determined that euthanasia is the most or only humane option for your pet, you may request to have the service performed by CHS or Fox Memorial Clinic. CHS will request that you provide a letter from your veterinarian or complete medical records to confirm the diagnosis and euthanasia recommendation. This letter is not required, but you should be aware that pets presented for euthanasia without this documentation may be refused if the pet does not appear to be in immediate need.

If you do not have a regular veterinarian, call to schedule an appointment through Fox Memorial Clinic, or request euthanasia through a CHS location. CHS staff will perform an evaluation and consult the staff medical team for further support in determining whether CHS can reasonably honor the euthanasia request.

Behavior Cases:

If you have a pet with behavioral problems that impact his or her quality of life or endanger the community, you may also require euthanasia services. CHS assists owners requesting euthanasia for pets who have aggression and have bitten. You will be asked to provide a copy of the report from the local animal control agency that responded to the bite incident or any other records you have documenting your pet’s behavioral problem.

Things to Consider:

  • Fees for these services are dependent upon the weight of the pet at the time of the appointment.
  • Clients who choose only euthanasia will need to take their pet home after the euthanasia and make their own burial arrangements.
  • Clients who utilize the euthanasia service at CHS may not accompany their pet for the procedure. Customers who wish to be with their pet when the procedure is performed must utilize Fox Memorial Clinic or their own veterinarian. This is due to the availability of client-accessible space.
  • Both private and communal cremation options are available. All private cremation fees include return of the pet’s ashes in a decorative urn.
  • CHS reserves the right to refuse euthanasia of any pet.

**The fees below reflect end-of-life care for pets brought to the Connecticut Humane Society. Pet owners who choose to work directly with Final Gift for cremation services will be charged a different fee.**

Euthanasia and Cremation Price List

Pet WeightEuthanasia OnlyMass Cremation OnlyPrivate Cremation OnlyEuthanasia with Mass CremationEuthanasia with Private Cremation
0-5 lbs$40.00$45.00$85.00$85.00$130.00
5.1-25 lbs.$40.00$50.00$145.00$90.00$185.00
25.1-50 lbs.$40.00$50.00$165.00$90.00$205.00
50.1-75 lbs.$40.00$60.00$185.00$100.00$225.00
75.1-100 lbs.$40.00$60.00$210.00$100.00$250.00
100.1-150 lbs.$40.00$60.00$290.00$100.00$330.00
150.1 lbs +$40.00$60.00$350.00$100.00$390.00
Personalization Options
Paws of Rememberance$55.00
Brass Engraving Plate$20.00