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Join the Wags & Whiskers Club

When a pet in crisis has nowhere else to turn, the Connecticut Humane Society is able to respond with open arms because of supporters like you. By becoming a part of a caring community of monthly donors, you will provide critical support all year long to rescue pets from suffering, cruelty and neglect. YOU will heal them, body and soul. Show you care all year long.

News & Announcements

Volunteer Spotlight

Lisa has a unique way of connecting with the felines to provide a safe space to relax. What is it?

Grant Advances Vet Care

Thanks to a grant from the Wiederhold Foundation, x-rays can soon be performed at CHS Westport.

Watch Her Blossom

Like thousands of pets, Flower has been given a fresh start. She begins her journey on just three legs.


Everybody Loves George

George’s fan club at CHS was pretty extensive. If there was a Doggo Hall of Fame, he would surely be at the top of the nomination list. Here’s why.

Upcoming Events

MAY 13-15

Springtime Unleashed

Support CHS’ Covid Relief Fund. Preview auction items now so you’re ready to bid Thursday!

MAY 19

Virtual PETtalk: Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety can be a big challenge—a resolution is possible!


Guinea Pig Tanks

Let your critter’s need for fun while feeling safe save other critters’ lives!

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