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Join the Wags & Whiskers Club

When a pet in crisis has nowhere else to turn, the Connecticut Humane Society is able to respond with open arms because of supporters like you. By becoming a part of a caring community of monthly donors, you will provide critical support all year long to rescue pets from suffering, cruelty and neglect. YOU will heal them, body and soul. Show you care all year long.

News & Announcements

The Browny Puzzle

Smaller pet, smaller problems? Not always. CHS and a team from the community solved this puzzle.

Volunteer Spotlight

Mary’s most memorable volunteer experience is not that common…but it sure is adorable!

Grant Expands Clinics

A $47K PetSmart Charities grant expands CHS’ pop-up wellness clinics in this year.


A Lonely Heart is Happy Again

It’s good to see TJ smile. Before the pup arrived at CHS, she went through a pretty awful week. But she didn’t give up, and neither did her new friends. Here, she updates her old owner.

Upcoming Events


Guinea Pig Tanks Giveback

Guinea Pig Tanks give your furry friend a sense of security while still being able to have fun!


Virtual PETtalk: Doggie Life Skills

Start your new furry family member out on the right paw.


Webinar: Explore Dog DNA

Have you ever wondered what breeds make up your mixed-breed pup’s DNA?

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