The Connecticut Humane Society seeks experienced veterinarians to join its highly skilled medical department.

Whether a pet is in need of a new family, or hoping to keep its home, they can’t get a fresh start without veterinarians like you.

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At the Connecticut Humane Society, it is a core belief that all pets deserve to be healthy and happy. That’s why the veterinarians here work with both shelter pets and pets from the community through the Fox Memorial Clinic.

The Fox Memorial Clinic plays a pivotal role in ensuring pets can remain where they belong – at home. Pet owners who might otherwise not be able to afford pet care can ensure their pets are seen by medical experts at a cost 20-30% than other local veterinary practices here at CHS. The goal is to ensure all pet owners can access the care their pets need without facing financial strain.

The Fox Memorial Clinic is more than just a spay/neuter clinic. The skilled team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and supportive customer service personnel work efficiently and effectively to maintain a high standard of care for pets, treating pets for all sorts of ailments, just like any other veterinary practice. This is crucial in preventing and treating health issues that could otherwise lead to pets being surrendered to the shelter. Plus, with the Special Assistance Fund, monetary aid is also available for pets to receive lifesaving procedures that might otherwise be out of reach for pet owners. This means that critical care is accessible here at the Connecticut Humane Society for pets who need it the most. The ever-growing need is why CHS is looking for more veterinarians like you to get involved!

Culture & CHS Values

CHS prioritizes creating a positive work environment for everyone. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Work/Life Balance: CHS recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between professional and personal life. The policies here and work environment support the staff in achieving this balance.
  • Diverse Work Environment: The commitment to DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) here at CHS encourages diversity, enabling different perspectives and ideas to come to the table.
  • Community Impact: Working at CHS means you’re not only contributing to the welfare of pets, but also to the well-being of the community. The important work being done here impacts pet owners throughout the state, helping with financial limitations and supporting community initiatives.

“It means THE WORLD to me to work at Fox Memorial Clinic. I am very proud of what we are able to provide for our wonderful furry patients and clients, especially people with limited resources. It feels great to go home satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day knowing that another life was saved.”

Amarpreet Kaur, DVM, MVSc (Surgery)

Why Choose CHS?

What makes CHS stand out? It’s the dedication to both pets and people. CHS is a community hub that provides essential services to both keep shelter pets healthy and happy, and keep community-owned pets in their homes with the families who love them. The comprehensive approach to keeping pets in homes includes Pet Food Pantries, Community Wellness and Vaccine Clinics, Humane Education and more. (Read more about these initiatives here.)

Join CHS in making a difference. Be a part of a team that is passionate about saving pets and bettering the community! ­

Veterinary Careers

A Day in the Life

Benefits FAQs

Want to learn more about CHS?

Founded in 1881, CHS’ is the state’s oldest and largest animal welfare organization. With three locations geographically spread across the state statewide, public clinic programs and pop-up events around the state, CHS serves over 5,000 pets each year. A limited admission shelter, CHS has a 96.5% live release rate and does not euthanize for time, space, breed or age. Learn more on our impact by checking out the annual impact report, publications, and FAQs.

What does the salary package include?

CHS offers a competitive salary commensurate with experience. Included in the salary package is your veterinary license, PLIT insurance and Veterinary Association membership expenses.

Are there opportunities for continuing education?

Yes. CHS provides an annual allowance towards continuing education which includes travel expenses.

Is a retirement plan offered?

Yes. CHS offers a 401k plan with a dollar for dollar match up to 6% of your gross salary. There is also an additional benefit given at the close of every year.

Is there health, disability and life insurance offered?

Yes. CHS offers both health and dental insurance and pays 90% of cost for your coverage. CHS also pays for both short and long-term disability insurance and life insurance for employees.

What is included in the paid days off package?

CHS provides generous vacation and sick time and 7 paid holidays per year.

What other employee benefits are available?

CHS provides discounts on veterinary care and food for pets owned by the employee.

Shelter Medicine

Pop-Up Clinics

Want to meet some of the pets served by CHS veterinarians? Some of the most unique patients have arrived over the past few years: Axel, who received the first MRI by CHS; Shadow, who had masticatory muscle myositis; Diesel, diagnosed with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus; and Ella, a kitten with megaesophagus.

Join CHS’ Team!

Why Connecticut?

  • Easy access to New York and Boston by driving or public transportation.
  • 50% lower housing costs than New York City, and 14-48% lower cost of living than Boston or NY.
  • The full four-season experience.
  • 101 state parks, beautiful beaches, and pristine lakes and ponds of all sizes, perfect for sunbathing, fishing, hiking and exploring.
  • From Long Island Sound to mountains – Connecticut has it all and is naturally beautiful.
  • Enjoy casinos with concert venues, city life, farm towns and everything in between.
  • One of the best ice cream trails in the States and plenty of amazing restaurants for the most discriminating foodies!
  • Increasing list of microbreweries and small wineries.