More than 11,000 pets find brighter tomorrows through the Connecticut Humane Society and Fox Memorial Clinic each year. Here are some of their happy tails, as told by them and their families.

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yorkie closeup shot

Koopa writes a letter to his new loved ones. As a 9-year-old pup, he had a lot to tell them. Especially about why he needed to spend 6 months at CHS.

woman with fluffy grey cat

The litter box holds many secrets. And it knew how Smokey was feeling. Good thing the senior kitty arrived at CHS when he did.

buff and white cat with owner

Oscar was going to have a long stay before adoption, no doubt about it. It was required by law. So he took up a new hobby: learning tricks!

great pyrenees with kerchief

At 7 years old, Chloe was just starting to learn about being inside. Her life was changing for the better, and she had a whole team by her side.

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