CHS programs are offered both in-person and virtually.

CHS offers a number of unique and engaging programs for kids interested in pets. These programs are perfect for classrooms, libraries, and other community organizations. A Scout program specifically tailored toward Boy and Girl Scout troops interested in learning about pets is also offered.

Need to complete community service hours for school and want to help pets? Consider organizing a food drive or craft project.

Paws and Pages (Pre-K)

The perfect addition to any classroom or library story time. This program is designed for early learners interested in pets. A CHS humane educator will share a pet-themed book and then lead an interactive discussion about safe and kind interactions with the type of companion animal featured in the book. Click here to request this program for your group.

PaCK: Pets and Caring Kids (Pre-K-2nd)

Pets are a ton of fun, but they can be a lot of work! This engaging program explores what different types of pets need to be happy and healthy and how these needs compare with our own. Click here to request this program for your group.

The Safety PAWtrol: Dog Safety and Bite Prevention (K-5th)

This interactive program will teach children how to be safe around dogs. Participants will learn how to read dog body language and how to safely approach, greet, and interact with dogs. Click here to request this program for your group.

Kind Kids (2nd-5th)

Students will explore the importance of being kind and compassionate towards people and pets during this interactive program. This program is designed for both classroom and assembly style delivery. Click here to request this program for your group.  *Assembly style is available for an additional fee. Please contact CHS’ Outreach Team for more information.

Pet Professions (5th-12th)

This program offers students a look at the wide array of careers in the animal welfare field. Students will learn about the skills and education needed for different positions and hear about a typical work day from CHS staff. Click here to request this program for your group.

Beyond the Breed: Exploring Dog DNA* (6th-12th & adult)

This program offers participants an opportunity to test their knowledge of different dog breeds while learning about how they came to be. Students will learn why knowing the lineage of a dog can be important and how genetics contribute to pet health. Click here to request this program for your group. *This program aligns with NGSS and Common Core Standards for middle school and high school. 

Pet Boredom Busters (6th-12th & adult)

Bad weather, injuries, short winter days: These are just a few of the many reasons pets may not get enough exercise and become bored. Keeping pets entertained is important for their physical and mental health. Without enough activity, boredom can quickly turn into destructive behavior. So, what can you do to curb your pets’ boredom and keep them happy and healthy? During this program, different DIY tips and tricks to keep all types of pets active will be discussed. From snuffle mats to pet piñatas, and potted cat grass to braided rope toys, there’s something for everyone! Click here to request this program for your group. 

PAWsome Resumes (9th-12th)

Whether students want a career with pets or just love learning from them, this resume-building program will start them off on the right paw when applying for a job. Participants will learn about the basic components of a model resume for animal welfare and beyond. Click here to request this program for your group.

All About CHS (all ages)

Do your students want to learn more about the Connecticut Humane Society (CHS)? Are you interested in learning how your class can make a difference for pets in need? Take a closer look at the services that the Connecticut Humane Society provides during this interactive program. Learn about all the ways CHS serves pets and how your students can get involved. Click here to request this program for your group.

Service Learning Experience (6th-12th)

Are looking for a more immersive experience for your class? CHS also offers a Service Learning program. During this multi-part experience, students will learn, grow, and make a lasting impact on the lives of pets and the community. For more information please email