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2020 Annual Report

2020 presented unique challenges at the Connecticut Humane Society. As with any national crisis – and there have been more than a few in CHS’ 140 year history – local needs increased dramatically. CHS succeeded because of you.

2019 Annual Report

In the midst of a pandemic, as we strive to support the health and well-being of our communities, it has never been more true: We are better together.

2018 annual report cover

2018 Annual Report

Together we’ve made the extraordinary quite ordinary. But for the thousands of animals and families we have touched, the results have been life-changing. For them, and for all those to come in the future, hope starts here.

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2021 Summer Pet Life

Max’s four-legged days are over. And ya know what? He doesn’t miss them. Things weren’t going well when he still had all his limbs. An old injury didn’t heal right, and Max worked hard to hold up his bad leg while walking on three good ones.

2021 Spring Pet Life

Pepe is known at the Connecticut Humane Society for two things: A lengthy stay and walking on a leash. That’s right…this 1-year-old cat loved indoor strolls. But they were much more than a cute scene in the hallway.

2020 Fall Pet Life

The pets on her back and scratchies on her chin felt so good. She liked hearing people talk to her…especially when they exclaimed, “You’re so pretty!” And when they started cleaning her face? She’d been waiting for that.

2020 Summer Pet Life

Cresselia was a good mama cat. Maybe a little too good. As she continued nursing her kittens, a nasty infection was brewing in her mammary glands. The 2-year old kitty hid her discomfort…until she couldn’t anymore.