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There are not many pets listed as available for adoption on your website. Where are all the pets?

At any given time, the Connecticut Humane Society has two hundred or more pets at its Newington, Waterford and Westport locations. The photos you see on CHS’ Adopt pages are just a few of the many pets in care— the rest are getting ready at CHS or in volunteer foster homes.

Once pets are medically cleared, they are made available for adoption, and their pictures are placed on the website. CHS does not post the pictures of pets who aren’t ready, because each pet’s timeline is different. Some pets respond quickly to medical care and are ready for adoption in just a few days. Others need more post-treatment nurturing, or sometimes just extra TLC to come out of their shell and be comfortable around people, a process that can take many months.

The right pet for your family is out there. Keep an eye on CHS’ website for the listing of available pets, as it refreshes automatically every 5 minutes.,, and are also a good resources for rescue pets.

Can I adopt a pet as a gift for someone else?

CHS does not adopt out pets as surprise gifts for someone else. Selecting a pet is a personal decision that is best made by the individual(s) who will be the primary caretakers and family for the pet. If you are interested in helping a friend or family member adopt, visit CHS with them or purchase a gift certificate for them to use toward an adoption.

Where do the adoptable pets come from? How do you decide which pets you will take?

Pets come to CHS from families who can no longer take care of them, municipal animal control shelters, or private rescue partners, or as strays found outside. Pet intake is based on space and resources available at CHS at the time, and takes into consideration all the known information about the pet, as well as a temperament assessment when the pet arrives for an intake appointment.

Can you help me find a new home for my pet?

Yes, CHS accepts pets for adoption. Please call 800-452-0114 to schedule an appointment. CHS is a managed admission organization and does not euthanize for time, space, breed or age. There may be times when CHS locations are full. Additionally, some pets do not fare well in a shelter environment. If your pet needs a different type of sheltering environment, CHS’ team will suggest a more suitable resource for his or her well-being and safety. Click here for more information about rehoming a pet through CHS.

Do you take stray animals? Do you trap cats?

Per state law, found dogs must be brought to your local municipal animal control department in the event that their owners have filed a lost pet report. Stray cats should also be reported to animal control for the same reason. If animal control is not able to assist with a cat, inquire to see if CHS can accept the cat for adoption. CHS does not trap cats or pick up trapped cats.

Are you a "no-kill" organization?

CHS does not euthanize for time, space, breed or age. However, sometimes CHS must make the decision to end a pet’s suffering, just like families must for their own pets. If a pet is unable to be helped through medical intervention, or if a pet is a danger to the community, euthanasia must be considered. Euthanasia of pets will occur only after all medical avenues are pursued, or after a good faith effort has been made to place the pet with another rescue group specializing in placing pets that are not adoptable through a traditional shelter program. CHS does provide medical rehabilitation, behavioral rehabilitation, enrichment and training programs, and has developed cooperative efforts with other animal welfare organizations and rescue groups to ensure the successful placement of nearly all of the pets that come through the doors.

Do you take volunteers who are under 18 years old?

Volunteers must be 18 years old to participate in most volunteer programs. The home foster care program is suitable for family volunteer experiences. CHS also encourages young people to consider one of the many other ways to help pets: organize a supply drive at school, with a Scout troop, for a birthday, etc.; make one of the craft projects detailed on this website, such as no-sew beds for the cats or bandanas for the dogs; or get involved in the lemonade stand challenge.

What's the difference between the Connecticut Humane Society and animal control? How do I report animal cruelty and neglect?

CHS is a private, nonprofit agency that works with owner-surrendered animals. By law, municipal animal control personnel are responsible for enforcing animal control and cruelty laws. They are funded for this purpose by both state and municipal tax dollars. Reports of cruelty and neglect should be directed to the animal control department in the town where the situation has occurred. More Information.

Can I contact Connecticut Humane Society with a wildlife complaint or concern?

CHS works exclusively with companion pets. For concerns about injured or nuisance wildlife please contact the Dept. of Environmental Protection, or find a wildlife rehabilitator here. For general wildlife concerns please contact the Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitators Association.

Is the Connecticut Humane Society a State agency? How is the Connecticut Humane Society funded?

Incorporated in 1881, CHS is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity and receives no ongoing municipal support. CHS is funded by generous supporters, corporations and foundations. CHS spends 100% of every donated dollar on the programs and services for pets in our adoption centers. More information.

Is the Connecticut Humane Society a "chapter" of any national groups?

CHS is not affiliated with any national animal welfare groups, It is a local nonprofit with locations only in Newington, Waterford and Westport that provides critical services to pets in your community. There is no national organization which provides direct care and financial support to Connecticut shelters on an ongoing basis. Supporting your local shelter supports your community.

Can I obtain low-fee veterinary care for my pet through the Connecticut Humane Society?

Yes. The Fox Memorial Clinic is CHS’ low-fee veterinary hospital in Newington. The clinic offers a full range of services including general wellness programs, preventative treatments, spay/neuter services, vaccine clinics and diagnostics. The Clinic is NOT an emergency facility. If your pet needs urgent care, contact the emergency veterinary clinic closest to your home.