It’s never too late to learn! CHS is always striving to learn about and implement the latest best practices and advancements in the field of animal welfare and then share that knowledge with you. Each monthly PETtalk has a different theme related to pets and features speakers from CHS, local organizations, and businesses. Held normally via in-person workshops at each CHS location, PETtalks are going virtual during this time of “Stay Home, Stay Safe.”

Upcoming Programs

Pet Allergies
April 15, 6 pm – 7 pm, adults

Does your pet suffer from allergies? Or, do you volunteer with or foster animals? Whether food, pollen, or another environmental factor is at the root of what’s bugging a pet, this talk will deepen your understanding of their allergy and ways you can help. Click here to register.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs
May 19, 6 pm – 7 pm, adults

A dog’s separation anxiety can be a big challenge for a pet owner—but a resolution is possible! Learn all about it in this free virtual workshop! Click here to register.

Past Programs

See a past program that you missed that you’d love your group to see? Contact, select programs are available as a private webinar for your library program, school or scout group, and more!

Virtual Family Trivia Night
Audience: all ages

Calling all trivia buffs! This special pet themed trivia night is perfect for the whole family. Whether you are a team of one or eight, this virtual PETtalk will be fun for everyone. Each question challenges your knowledge about pets, from television shows to science and guinea pigs to dogs, questions will cover a variety of categories and types of pets!

Doggie Life Skills
Audience: adults

Calling all dog parents! Are you interested in teaching your new puppy important life skills? Does your adult pup need to brush up on their abilities? Join the Connecticut Humane Society’s behavior team for the next virtual PETtalk, Doggie Life Skills: How to Potty and Crate train your pup.

Pawsome Pet Gifts
Audience: all ages

Calling all DIY-ers! Join us and learn how to create a craft your pet will love this holiday season, or anytime throughout the year. Fleece tie beds, cat scratchers, bunny boxes and forage boards are the focus for this do-it-yourself workshop. These projects are family friendly and guaranteed fun for the pets in your life!

The Science of the Human-Animal Bond
Audience: all ages

The bond you have with your pets is special. But did you know that bond can have health benefits for you and your family? At this free webinar, Dr. Megan Kiely Mueller will discuss how the incredible human-animal bond is defined.

Dogs & Kids: Mutual Respect and Safety
Audience: adults

Are you wondering how to introduce your dog to your new baby? Do you want to learn how to keep your kids safe around dogs? Have your questions about dogs and kids answered by Michelle Douglas, a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator for the Dogs & Storks™ and the Dogs And Toddlers™ programs.

Can You Trust Your Pet?
Audience: adults

Do you have a long term plan for your pet? Where will they go and who will care for them if disaster strikes? If you’re not sure, this PETtalk is for you.

Backyard Wildlife and Pets
Audience: all ages

Have you ever had wildlife in your backyard? Do you know what to do or who to call if you come across a wild animal who needs help? Or are you interested in learning more about keeping your pets safe around wildlife? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this PETtalk is for you!

The Binky and the Squeak
Audience: all ages

Are you a pocket pet parent looking to be the best pet guardian you can be? Are you considering adopting a rabbit or guinea pig? Do you love animals and want to share tips with family and friends who have pocket pets? Learn more about how to safely care for these pets.

Introduction to Animal Communication
Audience: adults

Has an animal ever stared at you? Have you ever felt like an animal had something to say to you but lacked a common language? Animals have a lot to say and want to be heard and understood by humans. Join us for this fun and interesting webinar.

CT Canine Search and Rescue
Audience: all ages

Learn all about Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue a during this free PETtalk webinar.

All About CHS
Audience: all ages

Take a closer look at the services that the Connecticut Humane Society (CHS) provides by joining the free webinar, “All About CHS”. Founded in 1881, CHS is the leading resource in the state for companion animal welfare, enriching the lives of families and communities through adoption services, medical care, education, and prevention of cruelty. Learn about all the ways CHS serves pets and have your questions answered during this interactive virtual session.

Beyond the Breed: Exploring Cat DNA
Audience: all ages

Have you ever looked at your cat and wondered what breeds make up his or her DNA? Did you know there are different tests you can use to discover your cat’s genetic makeup? This free online workshop by the Connecticut Humane Society will provide cat owners with a basic understanding of feline genetics. Owners will gain the skills needed to begin identifying cat breeds based on their physical appearance, a background in feline evolution, and a basic understanding of feline genetics.

Beyond the Breed: Exploring Dog DNA
Audience: all ages

Have you ever looked at your mixed-breed pup and wondered what breeds make up his or her DNA? Did you know there are different tests you can use to discover your dog’s genetic makeup? This free online workshop by the Connecticut Humane Society will provide dog owners with a basic understanding of canine genetics. Owners will gain the skills needed to begin identifying dog breeds based on their physical appearance, a background in canine evolution, and a basic understanding of canine genetics.

Pet Boredom Busters
Audience: all ages

Join CHS’ virtual workshop to learn DIY projects that will keep your pet’s mind and body active. Plus, these ideas will come in handy if your pet is ever sidelined by an injury, or if you’re all stuck home for bad weather. Preventing pet boredom is important for physical and mental health. Without enough activity, boredom can quickly turn into undesirable—and sometimes destructive—behavior in your home. Get ideas for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small pets to keep them active, happy and healthy—using things you can find around your home! From snuffle mats to pet piñatas, potted cat grass to braided rope toys, there’s something for everyone. Following the discussion about behavior and enrichment, there will be a Q & A with attendees.

The Benefits of Reiki for Animals
Audience: adults

Animal reiki practitioner Kelly McCarthy will discuss the fundamentals of animal reiki, as well as how reiki can be an ideal holistic therapy, help reduce behavior problems and aggression, decrease pain and inflammation, and induce deep relaxation. This Connecticut Humane Society webinar will also show how reiki can maintain the mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being of your pet. At the end of the webinar, there will be a Q & A session with Kelly.

Pet Professions
Audience: ages 10-18 (and the young at heart)

During this free webinar middle school and high school students will learn about the many careers related to animal welfare. Attendees will get an overview of the different professions at animal welfare organizations. This program will help develop an in-depth understanding of ten different positions at CHS through the Pet Professions video, which includes 1 on 1 interviews with current staff members. Students will learn about the different skills needed for each job, basic interview tips, and other ways to get involved with helping pets at our organization.