Updated 6/11/2024


5 Years
Retriever Mix/Male (75 lbs)

Needs: Field Trips, Sleepovers

Teddy is an XL boy who would benefit from some time out of the shelter. He is available for adoption but is a little stressed in the kennel. He does not seem to enjoy going on walks right now so we are hoping a change of scenery will help. He has made some dog friends here so he might like to be in foster or go on a walk with another dog, pending interaction. He is friendly but can take a couple minutes to warm up to new people due to his stress. He has arthritis so should not go on super long walks and might have some difficulty with a lot of stairs or getting in and out of a bigger vehicle. He does not mind if you help him into the car.

Mixed Breed, (49lbs) Female
8 Years

Needs: Field Trips, Sleepovers, a week or two of foster

Chloe is available for adoption but is much happier in a home. We are hoping to save her some kennel stress and find a foster home for her until we can adopt her out. Although she is 8yrs old, she is very strong and would love to go to an active home. She prefers to be the only animal around and should not go to a home with other pets. She loves to play and run and never says no to treats. She is housebroken!


8 yrs/Male/DLH
Need: 3 Weeks

Marmalade is a big, sweet boy who needs foster until his dental procedure on 7/1/24. He is coming out of his shell and likes to be pet and loves to play with toys. He needs a home where he can stick to his diet plan and get some much needed exercise. He would prefer to be the only cat in a home and has never met a dog.

4 Years/Female

Domestic Medium Hair
Need: 4-6 Weeks

Valentina is a sweet girl who needs foster while we try a new medication to help her hair grow back. She is on daily medication and a special diet to increase her immune system and prevent hair loss. She is wearing a cone to prevent overgrooming and will need to be monitored for any further hair loss.  She can become overstimulated and wants to be pet on her own terms so she will need a patient foster that can read her body language and tell when she needs her space. She should be isolated from other animals and go to a home without children.