If you’ve been…

  • wondering what to do with that extra space in your home
  • looking for a way to make a difference for pets
  • wishing you could have a furry friend temporarily
  • wanting to foster, but worry you’d fall in love and adopt the critter

…you should join the Connecticut Humane Society’s Crisis Foster program!

This life-changing initiative allows pets to keep their families as they get through a rough patch, instead of being surrendered permanently. Pets go to foster homes while their owners temporarily can’t take care of them due to a military deployment, hospital stay, housing issue, house fire, domestic violence, or other crisis.

Then, when the owner is ready, they reunite with their pet and take them back home. A pet and their person shouldn’t have to say goodbye for good, when a tough situation is only temporary.

By becoming a crisis foster, you’ll keep pets out of shelters, and support them in keeping the homes they already know and love. CHS provides all supplies fosters need for the pets, including food, leashes, beds, litter and litter boxes, toys, blankets and more, as well as veterinary care.

Fostering changes pets’ lives, but also the lives of the people who love them…and even the fosters themselves. It’s a rewarding experience you won’t soon forget. Apply today.