The 8th annual pet adoption campaign will run from August 1 – 31. This traditional in-person event is now a month-long “Adopt & Donate” effort.

Since its 2015 inception, the nationwide Clear The Shelters event has helped more than 700,000 pets find new homes. Last year’s campaign resulted in more than 140,000 adoptions and raised more than $500,000.

Visit this link to see who is currently available for adoption at the Connecticut Humane Society. If you see a pet that looks like the perfect match for your family, follow the instructions to apply. Not the right time to adopt? You can still be a part of Clear the Shelters and change a pet’s life by making a donation to support the medical care of pets awaiting new families.

The Connecticut Humane Society is pleased to partner with NBC CT for Clear The Shelters in promoting the lifesaving work being done for pets in need and their journey to a fresh start. All regular CHS adoption fees and processes will apply during Clear The Shelters.

Adoption fees are listed below:


Puppies up to 6 months: $445*

Dogs 7-12 months old: $275

Dogs 1-7 years old: $150

Dogs over 8 years old: $100


Kittens up to 6 months: $300

Cats 7-12 months old: $200

Cats 1-7 years old: $140

Cats over 8 years old: $80

Small Animals:

Hamsters/mice/rats: $10

Guinea pigs: $25

Rabbits: $35

Ferrets: $70

Chinchillas: $100


Finches: $5

Doves $15

Parakeets: $15

Lovebirds (in pairs): $50

Cockatiels: $40

Exotic Types: Market