It’s easy to fall in love, but caring for a pet is a big commitment. Before you visit, make sure you are ready for the changes a pet will bring into your life. Make sure you review this checklist to help you prepare.

Whether you’ve done your research or CHS is your first stop, the adoption counselors are here to help. Connecticut Humane Society adoptions are done in person! You don’t need an appointment, and adoption counselors will be on hand to meet with you. The counselors are eager to help you find the right match for your family. They’ll start by talking with you about what you’re looking for in a pet. If you have a particular pet you are interested in, or if you’re looking for them to suggest one, they will share information about each pet’s personality, medical care, what to expect down the road, and more. Once you’ve made a match, the team will complete your adoption paperwork, review the contract and documentation with you, and send you home with a couple of freebies (like a small bag of Science Diet food from CHS’ partner, Hills) to get you started.

For your convenience, you may download the adoption guidelinesadoption agreement and adoption questionnaire before visiting. Please do not fax or email these forms. Bring them with you when you come to meet the pets.

Adoption Guidelines:

  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Complete an adoption questionnaire and participate in a conversation with a counselor(s).
  • Show a valid driver’s license or state photo ID with your current address.
  • You may be asked to provide landlord approval or proof of ownership. Avoid inconvenience by bringing this paperwork along to the adoption.
  • Adopting a pet impacts the entire household. Any children under 18, other family members, and family dogs living in the home also need to come meet the new pet.
  • CHS does not authorize giving pets as gifts. The person who will be the owner of the new pet must be present and complete the adoption process. (Gift certificates are available for those who want to give the gift of adoption.)
  • Read, sign and abide by a legal adoption agreement.

While CHS tries to make the adoption process smooth, the adoption process isn’t necessarily a quick one and may require more than one visit. Just remember, it’s time well spent—it’s all for your new family member, after all!

After You Adopt:
Some pets adjust easier than others! Remember that your pet’s whole world has just changed. Be as patient as you can.

  • Please allow your new pet at least 30 days to adjust to your home and family. Drastic changes to a pet’s life will impact their behavior. With time and patience, they will settle in.
  • Please make a veterinary appointment for your new pet within 14 days of adoption. You’ll want to start a medical history for your new pet with your veterinarian.
  • Please work on training your dog. Even if they know some commands, training helps you bond! Click here to download a training manual.
  • Please keep your pet in mind if you need to move. There are many pet-friendly housing options available. The key is lots of early planning! When moving, allow yourself plenty of time to find a pet-friendly option so your companion can come along.
  • If the adoption does not work out despite your best efforts, please contact CHS for assistance.