Adoption is about companionship. Not just for you, but for the pet too! Senior dog Chloe is looking for a new best friend. At eight years old and with an adorably greying muzzle, she may not be a young pup anymore, but she’s certainly excited to find her person.

Chloe’s journey began when she arrived limping into CHS last September, with the doggy equivalent of a torn ACL. She was in pain, and wasn’t sure who to trust. She was vulnerable, and the shelter was so new and scary at first. But with the guidance of the behavior team, Chloe quickly found her footing and let her guard down to accept the help that she needed.

Her medical journey required quite the collaborative effort from CHS’ own veterinary staff, plus from external specialists. The treatment plan for her leg was detailed and rigorous.

Radiographs suggested a chronic issue in her legs due to her degenerative joint disease and an orthopedic specialist was consulted. While she waited for her appointment, she was moved into a room with special matting away from other dogs where she could relax and not strain herself.

Her surgical consult went well, and the surgeon suggested surgery to repair her leg as it would allow her to get back to running and playing before no time, so she went to a foster home to wait for her surgery and to get short, daily walks to keep her muscles active but not strained in the interim. Once it was Chloe’s turn for surgery, everything went great, and her foster home took great care of her while she recovered. They slowly built up to multiple walks per day and on her recheck with the specialist, she was okayed to return to normal activity in just a matter of weeks.

Between different medications, lots of exams in the shelter, and cozy foster homes to recover in, Chloe got care day-in and day-out, until finally, her leg was healed, her limp was gone, and she was ready for adoption!

This old dog hasn’t run out of tricks just yet! She loves treats, and has so much potential. She’d do best in a home with people who have previous dog experience who can continue to work on training. Chloe would like to be the only pet in her new home, and due to her age, she’d like to live with children over 10 who can be respectful of pets.

If your heart and home have room for this gentle soul, learn more about how you can welcome Chloe into your life at!