There are a few words that every dog should have in their vocabulary… bed, toy, love, home… Storm Cloud’s human English vocabulary unfortunately doesn’t stretch that far just yet, because he’s never had a home to live in. But that’s where you come in — Storm Cloud wants to know these words, and you can teach him! If you’re not quite ready to adopt, CHS has several different foster programs — all of which are easy to sign up for. It can be just a few hours, for an overnight, or for a longer-term commitment if you’re up for it.

Storm Cloud’s long journey to a fresh start began when he was sent to CHS from the Kentucky Humane Society because of catastrophic flooding down south. 

He is a 70lb, not yet fixed, 7-year-old Coonhound mix, with lots of hound tendencies like high energy and lots of vocalizing—that often appear when he “talks” back to you. Storm Cloud will need a household with hound dog experience since he will be a bit of a handful with learning manners due to spending most of his life outside. He really wants to be a good boy — he’s trying, and is especially motivated when food is involved! He’s very sweet and loves interacting with people and enjoys other dogs as well; he is constantly smiling and wagging his tail.

So, will you help Storm Cloud learn the meaning of the word home?

For more information about Storm Cloud and other fostering opportunities, email