It’s the most wonderful time of the year…but not necessarily the safest for your pets! There will be lots of decorations, chocolate on dessert tables, traveling, and visitors. Everyone needs to pay special attention to how it can all affect their furry (or feathered) friends this holiday season. Pets want to be included in the fun—so make your festivities safe for them, too.

Here’s Fido’s list of top 10 holiday safety tips:

10. Make sure your tree’s secure. (I hear cats like to play in them! You can try anchoring it to the wall with fishing line.)

9. Hide the ribbons, string and tinsel. If we eat them, they can cause a blockage in our digestive system and prevent food from moving through. They can even damage our organs.

8. Don’t let us drink out of the tree stand. Keep it covered. Sap and fertilizer from the tree could be in the water and make us sick.

7. Keep holiday plants out of our reach. If we snack on them, we could become ill.

6. Don’t put our gifts under the tree or in a hanging stocking. I promise, we will get to them, especially if they have a smell we like!

5. Candles are prettiest when they’re out of our reach.

4. Don’t feed us desserts, chocolate, candy, gravy, onions, garlic, fatty foods, grapes or nuts. It’s all tasty for you, but bad for pets. Visit this link for more information about food safety.

3. Watch those trash cans, especially during family get-togethers. You don’t want us doing any exploring…

2. Give us our own space at family gatherings. We might crave the quiet.

1. Keep our usual routines. Having a schedule makes us feel safe.