Tan and white puppy

Some pets adjust easier than others! Remember that your pet’s whole world has just changed. Be as patient as you can.

  • Please allow your new pet at least 30 days to adjust to your home and family. Drastic changes to a pet’s life will impact their behavior. With time and patience, they will settle in.
  • Please make a veterinary appointment for your new pet within 14 days of adoption. You’ll want to start a medical history for your new pet with your veterinarian.
  • Please work on training your dog. Even if they know some commands, training helps you bond! Click here to download a training manual.
  • Please keep your pet in mind if you need to move. There are many pet-friendly housing options available. The key is lots of early planning! When moving, allow yourself plenty of time to find a pet-friendly option so your companion can come along.
  • If the adoption does not work out despite your best efforts, please contact CHS for assistance.