Normally one child is enough to tire a mom out. Seven takes things to a completely new level, and poor mom Lulu had no help at all. She was on her own when she was picked up by a shelter in Louisiana. Soon she and her pups were on a plane.

Little did Lulu know what was coming next for her and her pups. And though things seemed scary for the eight of them at first, there were very bright futures ahead for all of them.

After arriving at the Connecticut Humane Society, Lulu and her “Fantastic Seven” had to go through the standard assessments that each pet that comes through the doors needs. The staff veterinarians put them on a short quarantine in case any unfriendly germs had hitched a ride on their long journey north. After checkups to ensure they were all healthy, the 2-month-old pups needed immunizations and spay and neuter surgeries before they could be adopted.

Scratch, Scout, Satin, Skye, Solo, Scotch and Seven were a happy bunch with plenty of energy and excitement for life. Luckily for this set of siblings they didn’t have to know the hardships of life as a stray as their mother had. Lulu’s love for each and every one of them got them through the toughest time of their lives.

All seven of the little bundles of joy were adopted to wonderful homes when the time came. After Lulu was spayed, she too was adopted and found a peaceful home to relax in, knowing all was right in the world and that her pups were well cared for.

The Connecticut Humane Society’s partnership with the Bissell Pet Foundation expands CHS’ network of care across the nation, and saves pets from overcrowded shelter locations, from natural disasters, and more. With Lulu and her litter transported here to Connecticut, this partnership more than just saved their eight precious lives; it also opened up room for more pets in the shelters in Louisiana to provide lifesaving care to even more pets in need.