There’s a lot to hope for when you’re a little kitten. For the little ones waiting for adoption at the Connecticut Humane Society, their mantra is probably something along the lines of “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow!”

Stevie and her kittens Nicks, Fleetwood, Mac, Leather, Lace, Dreams, Chain, and Rhiannon were all thinking about their tomorrows when they arrived. And when they arrived, someone was clearly a big Fleetwood Mac fan! The team here at CHS has a list of names that all staff members contribute to.

All pets deserve a name, so when pets arrive nameless, or are just entering the world under CHS’ care, there’s plenty of good options. It’s especially fun when there’s a theme involved for litters!

Stevie had been picked up by a local animal control officer while she was pregnant and brought her to CHS for a more comfortable arrangement for birthing and weaning her babies. So off she went to foster care, and suddenly there were eight tiny little wonders! And from the get-go, they had a great time, listening to the wind blow, and watching the sunrise from the comfortable home they were born in.

As these kittens were gettin’ older, they got bigger and stronger in foster care. They began to want their freedom! The eight little kittens had lots of energy and enthusiasm for life. They played and napped, and played some more. Before they knew it, it was already time for the kittens to go their own way! There would be no more broken hearts for Stevie and her kittens, as they all would find love very soon!

These kittens all had their dreams come true when various families began visiting CHS looking for new companions, and one by one, they made their way home! The ocean tides are always changing, but these kittens sailed right on through the rough waters, thanks to supporters like you!