As the weather begins to warm, “kitten season” approaches! This is a period from early spring through late fall when the majority of kittens are born. This influx of newborns happens due to warmer temperatures and extended daylight hours, which influence the breeding cycles of cats. During this time, the demand for foster homes skyrockets, making the role of foster caregivers absolutely vital.

Foster homes provide a crucial bridge for these young pets. Kittens, particularly those without a mother, need around-the-clock care that is often easier to manage in a home environment than a busy shelter. In foster homes, kittens not only receive the care they need to survive, but they also gain important social skills. They learn to interact with humans and all the exciting and unique things about a home, becoming well-rounded pets ready for new adventures!

Gracie, Mayo, Luna, Aspen, Ash, Boo, and Slater are part of one litter who was born in CHS’ care and went to foster to grow big and strong. In foster mom Cheryl’s care, they’ve transformed from vulnerable infants into playful, curious little explorers. They scamper around the house, pouncing on each other and anything that resembles a toy, their eyes wide with wonder and mischief. They also know how to take the best naps ever!

Handling a whole litter is no small feat. It requires patience, commitment, and a lot of love—qualities that fosters like Cheryl generously provide. These kittens are now thriving under her attentive care, and await their spay/neuter surgeries. Once they’re back on their paws, they’ll be made available for adoption and will all find brand-new homes!

These cuties will be available for adoption at the Connecticut Humane Society’s Newington location. If you’re considering adding a furry friend to your family, please visit Keep an eye out during these summer months, as it is kitten season, and many delightful kittens like these will be looking for loving homes.