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By Brooklyn AKA Happy Hippo

You might recognize my face—I’m sorta famous. I’ve been on Facebook and Instagram, the Connecticut Humane Society website, and TV as Pet of the Week, and I’ve had photoshoots and videos. Not to brag, but I’ve got a smile people just can’t get enough of.

So it’s only natural I’ve been promoted to spokesdog for CHS’ foster program! I’ve been in a paw-some volunteer foster home while I’ve gotten medical care at CHS and been waiting to find a family of my very own. If anyone knows all about fostering, it’s me!

And I’m here to tell you more pets should get to enjoy foster time! But we need friends like you—apply to be a foster today!

One of my favorite parts of my foster home is greeting the hoomans when they come home. They get happy seeing me wag my tail, and that makes me wag even more! They’ve worked on lots of tricks with me, and now I know “stay” and “come” and “on your bed,” and they’ve even given me shoulder massages!

Losing my home was tough when my family moved away, and everything was different. I’m 9 years old, so change was hard. My foster home reminded me of my old life…couches and cooking smells and TV shows and car rides! It made me feel better, that not everything had to be a big change!

I want other pets to have a foster home while they’re getting care at CHS. And ya know what else is cool when more fosters sign up? Pets who temporarily can’t be taken care of by their people can go into foster, too…and then go back home afterwards! Sometimes the hoomans have had a house fire, or are going away for the military, or are getting out of a really bad situation, and they don’t want to lose their pet forever. Can you imagine saying goodbye to your best friend permanently, even if things will be okay in a few months? You can prevent that!

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Fostering changed my life, and it can change yours, too. Your kids can even help out! And don’t worry about supplies—I went to my foster parents with my favorite toys, blankets, a bed, food, my leash and everything else I’d need, and CHS provided all my veterinary care. The same goes for all my furry friends; anything they need will be given to their fosters!

That’s very important, especially as kittens are born in the spring! They might need formula, and their mama cats eat a lottttt!

The length of each foster stay is different—I’ve stayed with my fosters for a few months, but sometimes a pet just needs a week!

Maybe you can’t have a pet of your own due to work or travel schedules. Or that spare room needs a new use! Or you just simply love animals! Fostering is perfect for you!

If you want a furry houseguest for a little bit—especially a beautiful, smiley, smart, amazing, humble one like me—learn more and apply today! The pets can’t wait to meet you!