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April 18-24 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week! Each April we take time to reflect on the accomplishments of our team of volunteers.

In 2020, foster volunteers stepped up to the plate to bring more pets into their homes so we could operate with fewer people (and therefore pets) in Connecticut Humane Society buildings due to the pandemic, while others sewed masks to protect staff members. Later in the year, a limited number of volunteers returned on-site to help care for the animals and keep the building clean and sanitized. It was a year unlike any other, and volunteers continued to support CHS’ mission while adapting to changing guidelines to keep everyone safe.

CHS is especially thankful to those volunteers who continue to make a difference for the pets, year after year. The volunteers listed below have been dedicated to helping achieve CHS’ mission for over five years.

Volunteers with Over 45 Years of Service

William Haines

Volunteers with Over 20 Years of Service

Sandra Molodetz
Max Parker
Dawn Pelletier

Volunteers with 15-20 Years of Service

Cheryl Chmielewski
Rebecca Costello
Jeff & Sue Cote
Gretchen Dale
LuAnn Giunta
Susan Katz
Diane Labedzki

Maria Lovello
Linda Newton
Jo Ann Roberts
Ellen Sharon
Frank Spera
Rebecca Stilphen
Joyce Trull

Volunteers with 10-15 Years of Service

Debra Abraham
Debbi Bacharach
Stephanie Bernstein
Gail Brownstein
Deborah Cappa-Kotulski
Ragen Carpentieri
Jean Caruso
Eileen Cook
Mary Crotty
Rose Anne Dandurand
Rich Farr
Susan Galli
Laurie Giacomazzi
Marcia Goodman
Stephan Henrichson
Peter Hood
Marilyn Jones
Nora Jones

Sarah Laub
Keith Lindstrom
Doris Lipetz
Paul & Ellen Mangiafico
Norma Miller
Doris Mitchell
Linda Panikowski
Steve Parker
Michelle Pelkey
Lucille Pollani
Jennifer Roark
Colleen Roberts
Jodi Shulman
Melissa Smey
Lori Snow
Anne Wilson
John Withington

Volunteers with 5-10 Years of Service

Traci Artioli
Heidi Astrella
Peggy Barkhouse
Lynda Bedri
Stephen Benko
Linda Bilodeau
Cindy Block
Laurie Boske
Julie Burns
Peter Cable
Amanda Collin
Joyce Comer
Beth & Lee Cota
Chris & Kristin Cramer
Joanna Craven-Griffiths
Carolyn Decko
Stephanie DiNoi
Robert Finnegan
Anna Flynn
Judy Flynn
Nancy Flynn
Denice Fogel
Pamela Francis-Stack
Sarah Gantley
Patti Garrett
Elizabeth Gomes
Ellen Gottfried
Peter Green
Elise Guari
Christine & Matt Hanko
Karen Hart
Jill Howe
Valerie Juengst
Lori Kendrick
Jodi Klare

Jennifer Kowalczyk
Rich Kragle
Donna Lawry-Wilkman
Eric Lopkin
Maureen Loughrey
Julie Macdonald
Ray Malec
Patricia Manoni
Mary Massa
Cristina Mendoza
Juliet Meyer
Earline Nicholson
Helen O’Brien
Janet Palmer
Shauna Pangilinan
Don Parkhurst
Deborah Persico
Gerry Pinney
Karen Rando
Christine Rebelo
Lucy Regan
PJ Ross
Gina Rossy
Dianne Saunders
Eileen Schaney
Christine Schmidt
Linda Shapcott
Chris & Susan Smith
Mary Sugerman
Linda Trinks
Naomi Tyner
Lee Wenzel
Stephen Woolbert
Carole Wynne

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