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Please select the CHS location where you will be volunteering:*
I agree to volunteer my services to the Connecticut Humane Society. I understand that I will not receive any compensation for my services.*
I understand that my volunteer service may include direct contact with animals, and I understand that there are risks involved with working with animals. I understand that I am volunteering at my own risk. I will not hold the Connecticut Humane Society responsible for injury or illness to myself, injury or illness to my own animals, or loss of or damage to my personal property.*
I agree to immediately report any bites or incidents to the manager-on-duty. I understand that this is important to keep others safe and so CHS can comply with state laws regarding rabies observation quarantines.*
I understand that the Connecticut Humane Society reserves the right to dismiss a volunteer from service if the relationship is not mutually beneficial.*
I authorize the Connecticut Humane Society to use any photographs or other audiovisual images taken of me for promotional use, educational activities, or for any other use for the benefit of the organization.*
I agree to: Accept and adhere to all policies of the Connecticut Humane Society. Accept the guidance and decisions of the Volunteer Coordinator. Be present for scheduled shifts and to give advanced notification if I must miss a scheduled shift. Maintain the dignity and integrity of CHS and to maintain confidential information. Respect the function of the paid staff and other volunteers, maintain a smooth working relationship with them, and stay within the bounds of volunteer responsibility.*
I understand that there are unique risks to my health (and those who I am in contact with) due to COVID. I agree to notify my Volunteer Coordinator and will not report to work if I have any symptoms of COVID or if I test positive for COVID. I agree to follow all safety precautions required by the Connecticut Humane Society. I understand that safety measures may change depending on CDC recommendations.*
I certify that: I am at least 18 years old and I have active health insurance. I will notify the Connecticut Humane Society if I no longer have health insurance.*
I have reviewed the Volunteer Handbook and will abide by the policies set forth by the Connecticut Humane Society.*
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