The pets need you to make it happen!

Imagine being sick or in pain and pulled away from home sweet home, simply because your human cannot afford to give you medical care or food. You can save pets from trauma and heartbreak with a gift today to build an animal resource center with a low-fee public veterinary clinic, pet food pantry and adoption center in Wilton.

Together Forever

Love should be for a lifetime. However, 47% of pet owners have difficulty covering the cost of veterinary care. Even in Connecticut, there are people who are down on their luck and need access to reduced-fee veterinary services, a pet food pantry to provide food when their pets need it the most, and humane education programs to enrich the pet parent experience.

Most Recent Update

The team at CHS kicked off the year with an info session tour around Fairfield County – spreading the word about the new facility and offering opportunities for community members to get their questions answered.

The purpose of these info sessions was to allow community members to learn about how they can get involved with CHS once the new facility opens, resources that will be accessible to the public, and get their questions answered by CHS Executive Director, James Bias.