White and tiger kitten

Sometimes it’s tempting to want to give a pet as a gift to the ones we love. While the surprise of receiving a pet might be a great gift idea for some people, it is not necessarily the best choice for others. If you’re still thinking of giving a pet as a gift, please be sure to consider all of the following:

  • Selecting a pet is a personal choice. The person that knows you best is YOU. So you should have the final say when it is time to choose a companion.
  • Caring for a pet is a financial and scheduling commitment. YOU have the best understanding of what you can manage and what you can’t.
  • Loving a pet is a very emotional experience. When it comes to your feelings, YOU are in the best position to decide when you’re ready to open your heart and to whom.
  • Many cats and dogs end up being homeless because of behavior issues. These problems often arise due to lack of interest, ability or time to train. YOU are the best judge of what you can and can’t manage when it comes to training.
  • Pets are fun, adorable, and really pull at the heartstrings. Those endearing qualities can lead to impulse decisions. YOU should be the one to decide who pulls at your heartstrings enough to make a lifetime commitment.
  • Your young children do not have the maturity or life skills to be the sole caretakers of pets. Companion animals require adult caretakers invested in the commitment to ensure their physical and emotional needs are being met. By setting the example, YOU can form a tight family bond that will involve all members in the care of your new pet.

If you would like to honor the pet-loving side of your friends and family members, consider other gift-giving options to honor their passion like a subscription to their favorite animal-related magazine, animal-related books, gift certificates to local nature centers and gift certificates for pet supplies at their favorite store. Or consider making an honorary donation in your friend’s name.

If you ARE sure that your friend or family member is ready for that furry bundle of love, give them a gift certificate that can be put toward the cost of the adoption fee. Contact the CHS location nearest you for more information.