Follow these tips on how to introduce your new dog to your friends and extended family. You always want to work slowly and be patient.


  • Instruct your guest to call or text you before they knock or ring your doorbell.
  • Have treats ready to deliver to your pet.
  • Your dog should be on a leash so they’re not able to jump on your guests. You can also put them behind a baby gate.

Greeting your guest:

  • Allow your guest to enter your home.
  • If your dog is too excited, instruct your guest to ignore them until your dog is calm.
  • If your dog is calm, allow the dog to go up to them for interaction.
  • If your dog is fearful, instruct your guests to toss treats and not to make eye contact. This will allow your dog to take a treat and examine the person without the “threat” of them being watched.


  • Allowing your dog to greet your guest when they’re ready is always best.
  • Have your guests sit to prevent the appearance of looming and discourage fast movements.
  • Make sure guests are not surrounding or overwhelming your pet.
  • Ensure the safety of your guest if your dog is behaving aggressively toward them.

Every dog will react differently to guests and new friends. Preparation and patience can make a big difference.

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