Two dogs greeting each other

From strolling around town, to dog parks, to “pets welcome” stores, it’s a dog’s world. Here’s some quick tips to ensure your yappy stays happy:

  • 5-second Rule: Limit your pup’s sniffing of another dog to 5 seconds. Nobody wants to be labeled a pushy party animal!
  • Avoid letting your dog stare. Other dogs consider this a threat.
  • Keep tabs on the space. Corners and crowding can overwhelm a pup.
  • Don’t force friendships. If your dog is wary, that’s okay!
  • If your dog has a retractable leash, keep it locked to 6’ or under.
  • Remember: It’s OK to take a break! A minute away from the crowd can help your dog reset.

Watch for signs of stress. Look for these signs and take a break to keep your pup worry-free. Plus, then they won’t need to find a different way to tell you they’re nervous. Here are some common stress signs to watch for:

  • avoidance
  • sneezing
  • yawning
  • scratching and/or licking
  • stiffness
  • head and tail held high
  • bared teeth
  • growling
  • wrinkled lips
  • showing the whites of his/her eyes
  • barking and/or growling
  • raised hair along the neck and/or back