Cost pet ownership

When you think of pets, you might think about the games of fetch, cuddles and or purrs you’ll enjoy with them. But there’s so much more to owning a pet, especially when it comes to paying for their needs.

One of the first steps to take when you want to get a pet is to think about your budget and the costs of pet care. If you adopt a pet, you will likely pay an adoption fee, or if you buy a pet from a breeder, they will set a certain price. You’ll need to purchase supplies, like food and water bowls, toys, a brush and a bed. Dogs will need a collar and leash, while cats need a scratching post and litter box. Then of course there are the food and treats. Spoiling your pet when you welcome them into the family is a fun part of pet ownership, but it can add up!

It’s also a good idea to bring your pet to the veterinarian after you first bring them home. For example, young pets need booster shots once they reach a certain age. Older pets may have medical conditions that need to be checked, like allergies. Pets should also have an annual veterinary exam and will need vaccinations, and at times may need blood tests, x-rays or surgeries.

Consider how you’ll handle special challenges that come along. Hiring a dog walker if your schedule is busy, furniture damage, and medical issues are all common in the lifespan of a pet.

Research the pet rules of your living situation. If renting a house or apartment, you may need to pay a deposit to have a pet, or pay a monthly fee.

These are just some of the things it takes to keep your pet happy and healthy, but when they are your best friend, it’s worth it!