Canine mounting

There are many reasons why a dog may mount a person. Regardless of the reason this behavior should be managed quickly.

Why does a dog “mount”?

  • Mounting can occur in both sexual and social contexts. The drive to mount people can come from multiple sources, including anxiety or a need to test boundaries.
  • Most mounting dogs are just very pushy without ever becoming aggressive. If the behavior escalates to aggression, or becomes unmanageable, please contact a trainer for help.
  • Hormonal factors play a large role. Mounting tends to increase as dogs reach sexual maturity (approx. 6-9 months of age). Neutering typically decreases this behavior. Expect to see a decrease in the behavior 4-5 weeks post-surgery. However, in some dogs the habit has been ingrained and the reduction of hormones will not be enough on its own.

What should I do?

  • If the dog is not already altered, do so when old enough or ASAP.
  • Don’t tolerate the behavior, especially with children. At the onset of the behavior, practice Jumpy Dog Protocol.
  • Once completing the training above, manage with the command “Off”.
  • Provide ample exercise, and play calm games.
  • Consistency of schedule will reduce anxious behaviors, as will exercise.

What should I NOT do?

  • Never yell, hit or physically reprimand the dog in any way.
  • Avoid rough play, tug, and getting the dog over excited.
  • Avoid any known triggers that lead to the mounting behavior.