Spirit cats prefer the shadows to the spotlight. For Gigi and Donny, the quiet corners and dark nights in their respective office spaces were where they felt the most comfortable. While some cats are more outgoing and social, others prefer to hide when people visit and take their time to bond with humans. Some cats are less interested in human companionship than others, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less deserving of a loving home. With patience, respect, and a calm environment, spirit cats can thrive with the right people.

But it often takes a long time for a family to step forward to adopt a shyer feline friend. So when Gigi went up for adoption and Donny did too, CHS staff were fully ready for a long wait for the two of them.

Gigi and Donny came to CHS separately. Gigi was surrendered by her owner because her personality was not right for her previous home. She got a check-up, was medically cleared to move forward in her journey at CHS, and was put into a quiet office where she could relax. Donny had been in a home with too many other pets, and when he arrived, he was shaken up and not feeling his best. He needed some time to unwind and was put into a separate office space, right next door to Gigi.

In 2021, a similar pair of cats were available for adoption here at the Connecticut Humane Society. They were named Hershey and Toblerone and they were a bonded pair of cats who were also spirit cats. They loved playing with one another, but couldn’t quite warm up to humans the same way. A pair of pet lovers came in looking for Hershey and Toblerone, and they decided to adopt!

When these familiar friends came by last month, Donny and Gigi were in luck. Though they weren’t a bonded pair in the way that Hershey and Toblerone were, the adopters had a good feeling about the both of them, and decided to once more adopt a pair of spirit cats. This incredible family has not only provided a loving home for four different cats over the years; they have given a home to pets who might have otherwise been overlooked for months, if not years.

And so, Gigi and Donny became cherished members of a family that respect their unique personalities, and celebrate them. Pets will forever be grateful for your understanding and compassion. Thank you for getting great pets into good homes!