Emmy story page

A gentleman witnessed a kitten get hit by a car, and at her size, that could have been the end of her story. Luckily, this kitten had a lot more to give to this world, and after a guardian angel picked her up off the road, terrified, weak, and clearly injured, he knew just where to turn. Emmy got her second chance with the Connecticut Humane Society.

Emmy arrived in a cardboard box and a blanket to keep her warm and snug. After she’d been hit by the car, she was breathing heavily and could barely move. She was only able to lift her head briefly as if thanking the kind and gentle hands that were bringing her to safety and to a better life.

When Emmy arrived at CHS’ Newington Animal Resource Center, the medical team got straight to work. X-rays. Daily rechecks. A foster home. The tiny, growing kitten was fortunate in that she didn’t have any broken bones, just a lot of bruising that needed time to heal. Thanks to their expertise and excellent care—made possible by the generosity of donors like you—Emmy was back on her paws and ready to rock and roll in no time. For her first venture out into the world, a foster family stepped up to take her in temporarily. And in a few short weeks, Emmy met and went home with her brand-new guardian angel. Lucky little kitten.