Tucker story page

Beach time is a blast when you’re prepared. When you’re not, it can feel as isolating and as scary as a deserted island. And guinea pigs aren’t exactly made for life on a deserted island.

This little black and white guinea pig – roughly middle-aged now for a guinea pig – had not a clue what was happening when he was scooped out of his home that morning. He’d started his day as he usually did: with a few sniffs around his cage, a small breakfast of hay and veggies, and a bathroom break in the bathroom corner.

Tucker had planned for a regular old afternoon too, of nibbling at his hay some more, wandering in and out of his hutch and peacefully napping as he felt like it when he was plucked from his pen and put on the sandy shoreline of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

What a turn of events! The summer sun was hot that day too.

Fortunately for Tucker he didn’t have to brave his deserted island in the hot sun for very long. A nice person noticed his little carrier on the sand, picked it up, peered in with wide eyes and knew immediately where Tucker needed to go.

One more confusing car ride later and Tucker was being introduced to the Connecticut Humane Society staff. Tucker was quite relieved when his new luxurious pen was set up and he was gently deposited onto the soft hay. At CHS, he had lots of fun new things to snack on, plenty of room to stretch out and explore, and lots of attention from the nice people that were now taking care of him. He hadn’t expected to wind up somewhere new that day, but he wasn’t too bothered by the change.

One day, as he was munching along as guinea pigs do, a kind human with a big heart stopped by CHS and fell in love with little Tucker. He was adopted to a loving new home where he’d not have to worry about being all by himself ever again.

Though his solo adventure to the beach may have been a fun challenge for a human to take on, pets don’t do so well on their own, especially in the summer heat. If you or someone you know needs to rehome their pet, but don’t know where to go, reach out to the Connecticut Humane Society, so that you can make an informed decision with the guidance of knowledgeable and respectful staff.