“Squeak squeak!”

That’s how those who visited Nala in the kennels was greeted. (And no, she wasn’t a little mouse!) This big, 13-year-old golden retriever/husky mix was undeniably a dog, and undeniably a lover of squeaky toys!

By the time she was adopted, Nala’s space in the shelter was filled to the brim with toys of all shapes and sizes, and those squeaks were her enthusiastic way of saying hello to all of her friends. She made herself a nest of stuffed toys to lay down in, she took her favorite toy with her on her walks, and she never let a person pass by without a friendly “squeak” to let them know she was there and waiting for her new family to finally come meet her.

When she first arrived in Waterford, this big friendly girl was feeling rather uncomfortable. Her age had caught up to her and she was feeling aches in her joints and struggling to get around, which made her a little bit grumpy. She barely even squeaked her squeaky toys at first because of the pain. But the veterinarians at the Connecticut Humane Society were more than capable of solving that problem. After being diagnosed and treated for arthritis, Nala was feeling much better, and was back to her friendly, walk-loving, squeaky self in no time.

Now all she needed was a loving retirement home to relax in! But finding the right placement for a senior pet can take some time. Nala was looking for a quiet home with dog-savvy adults and no other pets. She wanted all the attention, and lots of time to lay about and sleep, but with a healthy balance of leisurely walks and squishy, squeaky toys. This golden retriever/husky mix deserved to spend her golden years in the perfect set-up.

And one day, as Nala played with her pile of toys, a woman came to meet Nala, fell in love, and took her home! Now Nala has everything she could ever want and more, thanks to pet lovers just like you, who support the pets of CHS!