Communication is key with any relationship. With pets, the language barrier requires a few different tools to come into play. But when it comes to deaf pets, it can be even more challenging. Lucky for Lady, she had a great future ahead of her, and though she’d need a little extra guidance for the rest of her life, she was no less deserving of a happy home.

When this big, beautiful girl first arrived, she was accompanied by her two adult sons. Lady had delivered a few litters in her lifetime, though she was only 3-years-old, and Oscar and Titan – now both 2-years-old – had stuck around with their mom. Besides their goofy, good natures, one thing stood out between these three pretty pups, and that was that Lady was deaf. CHS was happy to take these dogs and support them on their journey to a fresh start.

Large, laid-back, and lovely—it captures everything who Lady is. This girl was smart and eager to please. And it seemed she already understood a few of the hand signals that are important for a deaf dog to learn. That is: sit, stay, and “look at me.” The last cue is an important one for pups who cannot hear, because it serves as a refocusing tool when there may be a lot of other stimuli around. The behavior team was able to identify her strengths and continue to work with her on these as she waited for the right family to come along.

After a few months of meeting new friends in Newington, playing in the grass with her sons, and getting to be on TV several times, the perfect family stepped forward to adopt Lady. Supporters like you believe in pets with special needs and know they have lots to offer families. Thank you for believing in them!