Timing is everything: Lotus and his littermates had arrived just after Christmas 2022 with their mom with the hope of finding new homes. Their family was unable to care for them. The kittens had all been in good health when they arrived, but they were far too young to find homes right away, and needed to grow big and strong in order to get their age appropriate vaccinations as well as their spay and neuter surgeries. They were all lined up for foster homes when CHS received a call from the Berloni family about a filming opportunity for a young kitten. The Berlonis had their pick of the litter, and Lotus was selected for an on-screen debut!

For over 50 years, Bill and Dorothy Berloni, owners of William Berloni Theatrical Animals, have been a proud foster family for pets here at the Connecticut Humane Society. From theatre pets to TV stars, the Berlonis have brought several CHS pets to stardom through their connections and love for pets, all while providing foster care for pets in need. In 2013, Bill Berloni was inducted into the Getrude O. Lewis Humanitarian Society for his notable contributions to animal welfare and pets in general, and for so strongly advocating for adoption.

This particular opportunity was for the HBO hit TV series “And Just Like That” with Sarah Jessica Parker in her famous role as Carrie Bradshaw, and just like that Lotus became the well-loved feline friend Shoe Bradshaw! Last month, the news spread that Shoe/Lotus would be a purr-manent new fixture on the show, but beyond that, that Sarah Jessica Parker had fallen in love with her co-star and decided to adopt him as well!

As you can imagine, SJP’s Instagram post made big news—from the Hartford Courant to People Magazine, and everywhere in between. With this news now going global, CHS is proud to have had a part in this match made in heaven for Lotus!

Though Lotus and all of his family members have been adopted and are happy in their new homes, plenty more pets are awaiting the right family today.

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