Don’t tell the other pets, but Mamas is an absolute favorite in the medical department.

That big smile on her face reflects exactly who she is: Lovable and always happy, even when people are giving her a blood test, or examining her lumps and bumps.

And one of those lumps and bumps is exactly what brought her and her dad Dan to the Connecticut Humane Society. It was the size of a potato (truly no exaggeration), taking over her pinky toe as if she had a complete extra foot.

Mamas is 13 years old, and Dan took her in last year when her previous owner couldn’t keep her. “She’s mine now. She’s my baby. She hogs the whole bed, and when I wake up, her head is usually under my arm, and I don’t mind at all!” Dan says.

But then he got laid off…and Mamas’ masses continued growing, especially the one on her foot.

“Veterinary care was hard to afford even before. Now it’s harder. But I also wanted a veterinarian who was looking at her quality of life, since she’s older. I felt like I could trust CHS,” Dan added.

CHS’ Westport branch is working with Mamas as a clinic patient with a grant from The Goodnow Fund, which means she will get the veterinary care she needs and remain with her dad. The grant makes treatment possible for pets and owners who can’t afford a traditional veterinary hospital—making sure bonds are preserved between pets and their people, and animal shelters have more room for truly homeless critters.

Mamas has received exams, x-rays and biopsies of her masses (they’re on her foot, chest and abdomen) with CHS’ staff medical team. The focus is on keeping her happy and comfortable, and addressing issues as they arise. So when the potato-sized mass on her foot developed open sores that didn’t want to heal, CHS’ team operated on Mamas and removed it, lifting a great weight off Dad’s shoulders and off Mamas’ paw.

Mamas has come back for check-ups and bandage changes and is looking great…like a dog who just has four regular paws! And she’s happy to head back home with her dad each and every time.

Stories like Mamas’ have become even more common during the pandemic — and they don’t always have happy endings. That’s why CHS is focusing on providing more services to keep pets safe and healthy in their homes where they can thrive for years to come.

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