Summer heat is no joke for pets. For Dancer, a senior Yorkshire terrier mix, it was nearly deadly. Even though he was very much loved, due to unfortunate circumstances, Dancer had been living in his owner’s car when the summer sun became too much. Dancer became severely dehydrated, and he had nowhere else to turn. Luckily for him, Connecticut Humane Society was nearby.

Upon Dancer’s arrival at CHS, the medical team got right to work to cool him down and rehydrate him. This little guy was a fighter, and with expert medical support, his condition improved significantly. When he was stable, Dancer was sent to a foster home where he’d be able to regain his strength before being placed for adoption.

When he was fully recovered, a new family stepped forward for Dancer, drawn in by the little guy’s resilience and sweetness. He still had a lot of life and love to share with the world and a warm and loving home awaited him. Now Dancer spends the hot summer days tucked away in A/C and shade, and with CHS on his side, he’ll never have to worry about the dangers of summer heat.

Do you have good methods at home to keep your pets cool in the summer? Here are a few ways to make sure your whole family is having fun in the sun.

1. Keep your pet at home when you go out.

2. Make sure your pets have ID tags on.

3. Provide clean, cool drinking water at all times.

4. Protect pets when they’re outdoors by providing water, shade, and ventilation.

5. Know how to give proper emergency care.

6. Groom your pets appropriately.

7. Inspect your pet regularly.

8. Adjust your exercise routine to get outside in the cooler parts of the day.