A dumpster is no place for a 9-year-old cat, but Baby was trying to make the most of the situation he’d been thrown into (quite literally), when a Good Samaritan happened by the Colchester rail station dumpster and heard some small cries. Thanks to his mewing, Baby got his one-way ticket out of there!

Because Baby had been living in one of the least sanitary places a pet could be, the medical team had expected quite a few health issues for this poor cat. And while he was making biscuits for his entire medical exam, the CHS veterinarians discovered that Baby did have a few issues with his eyes that would warrant surgery, that he was severely underweight, and that he had a few dental problems that would need solving too.  

But it wouldn’t take too long to prep Baby for a new home. After a busy 3 months of medical treatments and procedures, Baby’s health stabilized. Time in a foster home made Baby a much happier cat too! Baby was sweet to begin with, but over time with lots of TLC, Baby blossomed into a gentle and affectionate companion.

CHS staff began writing his adoption profile, and they described Baby as a “distinguished gentleman” looking for a home of his very own where he could get lots of lap snuggles.

In no time, Baby was adopted, and his journey from discarded feline to cherished family member proved that kindness and compassion can make a world of difference!