Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. Kitten-shaped best friends are particularly cute, and Steve and Alice wanted us to share their story to prove that to you!

Steve’s life started with a couple of complications. To start, he was born without eyes, and was therefore unable to see. His care was going to be even more extensive than a normal infant kitten’s, and when Steve was passed along to a stranger at a bus stop, that stranger recognized that need and brought tiny little Steve to CHS. He was less than two weeks old.

In general, infant kittens require a lot of care, especially if they don’t have a mom and especially if they pick up a few infections at a young age. Alice could tell you a thing or two about that. Found as a three-week-old orphan several weeks before Steve, Alice needed all the help she could get, so the woman who found her brought her to CHS.

While they were both on their own when Steve and Alice arrived separately, that wasn’t going to be the case for too long. After the two of them were assessed and treated for the ailments they arrived with, the behavior team at CHS recognized their loneliness and decided to pair the two of them together so they could enjoy kittenhood and come to know and love what it meant to have a friend. And boy did these two hit it off!

Alice instantly took to guiding Steve around. She loved him and wanted him happy and safe immediately. Little Steve loved Alice the moment he met her too, and while Alice was a little bit more guarded with new people and new experiences, there wasn’t anyone or anything Steve was scared of. So, he took care of Alice too, showing her how to open up and trust. They fell in love with one another, and all of CHS fell even more in love with these little ones.

When it was time for the pair to be available for adoption, there were requirements for them that might’ve made them harder to place. 1) They’d bonded and needed to go home as a pair. 2) Their new home needed to be ultra-kitten-proofed so brave little Steve wouldn’t find himself in a dangerous situation. And 3) the new adopter would need to be familiar with the challenges of raising a cat born blind as opposed to one who over time lost their vision.

Staff were prepared to wait awhile for the right home to come forward, but in a matter of a few days, these two had made yet another best friend – one who would love them endlessly and give them the home they deserved!

Alice and Steve are both happy at home now, thanks to friends like you!