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Two dull coats, four hopeless eyes. King and Scrappy were just skin and bones when they arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society. Their weak bodies were just barely holding themselves up when they were brought to a quiet, comfortable space in the kennels to scarf down a small portioned bowl of food. Too much food would have caused them to get sick, and it was going to be a delicate process bringing both these good boys back to a healthy weight.

After their first meals and lots of warm greetings from the staff, Scrappy – a five-year-old bulldog, and King – a five-year-old American Staffordshire terrier, were given warm baths to start anew. They were able to lick up the most delicious peanut butter treats throughout their baths, and got a nice towel-off afterwards, which felt like a massage on their weak muscles! It didn’t take too long for their eyes to fill with hope and appreciation, but putting weight back on was going to be a much slower process.

For months, the medical team and animal care team had to work hand-in-hand to find a good regime for these good pups. At one point, they were each being fed fives times a day in slow feeders – a routine that was designed to slowly wake their digestive systems back up to regular feedings, and so that they could still get all the nutrients they needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Five daily feedings meant they needed constant care and monitoring too, to ensure everything was going down appropriately and that no other issues were popping up.

Over the length of their long-term care here at CHS, King and Scrappy’s weight filled in (Scrappy alone gained a whopping twenty pounds – pounds he really needed!), their coats became brighter, and the life in their eyes became undeniable. Hope and happiness were back for these two dogs, and it was time for them to make their way to new homes.

Today, King and Scrappy are celebrating the new year with their new families. They live in warmth, comfort, and with an abundance of nourishing meals and love. Because of friends like you, these pups will never again have to worry about where their next meals are coming from, and have a beautiful future ahead. Thanks for supporting the life-saving work that happens every day at CHS!