Older pets can also come with health challenges, but they are no less deserving of a warm home to spend their golden years in. After Aria had been found as a stray in Hartford in July of last year, the behavior team at CHS knew right away she was a sweet girl who would have no trouble adjusting to a new home. But the medical team had their work cut out for them first.

Initially underweight, a few different ailments were suspected. After a senior screening, it became clear that Aria was struggling with untreated diabetes. For months, the medical team worked hand in hand with animal care to ensure Aria was happy and getting healthier. They trialed various different foods and treatments for Aria, all while she received routine care and enrichment day in and day out. After 82 exams, 8 tests, 7 different medications, 1 dental surgery and her routine vaccinations, Aria is ready to go home, but she hasn’t found the right one just yet.

In her new home, Aria will need to be given insulin at her regular mealtimes. It will also be important that her new family keep a close relationship with a veterinarian so that Aria’s health can continue to be monitored as she continues to age. Aria may be happy to live with other cats or even a dog pending a meet and greet. Her home may also have respectful children over 12 years of age. Aria needs a family to make sure that she sticks to her diet and doesn’t sneak treats from the dinner table or from other pets at home!

Today, Aria is quite content free-roaming in the upstairs offices at the Connecticut Humane Society while she awaits adoption. Though she’s petite, she’s never afraid to make her presence known and ask (aka sing!) for some attention. She’s become everybody’s pal, and the staff can’t wait for this good girl to brighten up somebody’s home for the rest of her days.

Though senior pets may require a little bit more care from their new homes, their soft grey muzzles and sweet, wise eyes will thank you in every way they know how. If you’re interested in meeting Aria, or know somebody who might be, check her out online, or visit her in Newington!