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Pets of the Week

Look who had their 15 minutes of fame this week! The pets love the pupperazzi and the chance to share their stories. Sorry, no pawtographs, but they are accepting interviews for new homes.

WWYZ Radio
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Batman is a 7-year old pit bull mix who can live in just about any size home with adults and kids over 8 years old. He likes other dogs so may do well in a multi-pooch family. He is fairly calm, but needs daily exercise to stay happy. His new family should have previous experience raising large dogs. He’s available in Newington.

Fox CT
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Jo is a 3 month old, double-pawed kitten who comes to CHS because she and her littermates were part of an unwanted litter. She is sweet, fun and full of love. The perfect choice for just about any family who is ready for the antics a kitten can bring into their life. She’s available in Newington.

NBC Connecticut
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Echo is a 2 year old male domestic pigeon. Sadly, his family became homeless and so he needed to come to CHS. He is very social, enjoys human contact and most of all, loves his stuffed toy. He has lived with another pigeon in the past so may consider sharing again. He is available in Newington.

WBMW Radio
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O’Malley is a 2 year old, domestic medium haired cat.  This busy guy is looking for an active home where he can play with laser pointers and feather wands all day long!  O’Malley wants all the attention his new family will want to give so he’d prefer to be the only pet in the home. He is most comfortable with adults and teens.

WICC Radio
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Sam is a sweet and goofy 2 year old, lanky hound. He walks well on a harness but may pull without one. He loves to walk on forest trails and does zoomies in the play yard. Once he is tired, he will come to you for cuddles.  Like most hounds he can get vocal, so a single-family home is recommended. At 50 pounds, he is quite bouncy, so is best suited to families where the children are 10 and up. He would love a fenced in yard, but that is not a requirement for adoption.

Sponsored Pets

Local pet lovers and pet-loving businesses sponsor the care of hard-to-place pets as they are in the adoption center longer than others.

Sponsored by Kristin
1 year old
Domestic longhair mix
Altered male

Ike is currently in foster care in Westport. Ike is a sweet, playful, but very shy indoor-only cat and acclimates slowly to new people, so needs a patient family ready to put in the time to bring him out of his shell. He enjoys looking out the window, and his favorite toys are the ball with the bell inside and Tower of Tracks 3 tier toy. He spends most of his day doing Parkour off every surface he can touch no matter what time of day. He is fast and nimble!

Sponsored by RE/MAX Home Team – Waterford
6 years old
Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix
Spayed female

Zoey is blind but navigates well using her halo and instincts. She can live in a single family home with adults. This lovely dog loves people so much that she would like to be the only pet in the home. Zoey prefers spending as much time as possible next to or in the laps of her human friends. She’s available in Newington.

Please note: the pets featured here were available at the time of posting. Pets are adopted daily and so the availability of those pictured cannot be guaranteed. There is always a great selection of companion pets. Visit www.cthumane.org/adopt to view the pets currently available or in person to find the perfect friend for your family!

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