Pets of the Week

Look who had their 15 minutes of fame this week! The pets love the pupperazzi and the chance to share their stories. Sorry, no pawtographs, but they are accepting interviews for new homes.

grey and white cat

WWYZ Radio
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Nibbles has been homeless twice in her young life. Now, this 4-year old is looking for a permanent place to lay her head. She is somewhat reserved so would be happiest with kids and adults who are on the quiet side. She may even enjoy the company of another friendly pet. Visit her in Newington!

black rabbit

Fox CT
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Moe was taken in by local animal control so there is not much history on this cutie. He is a 3-month old altered male, New Zealand mix. He is already quite social and enjoys being petted and held. He may be a good choice for families with gentle kids. Visit him in Newington today!

grey and white kitten

NBC Connecticut
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Pita and his litter mates and mother were found stray and came to CHS for a new life. They all went to foster for awhile so the kittens could grow up. Two month old Pita is now ready for his next adventure in life. He is on the quiet side so may prefer a calm home for his forever after. Visit him in Newington today!

buff tiger cat

WBMW Radio
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Nibbs is a 7 year old, domestic long haired cat. This handsome man will steal anyone’s heart! This big, lovable guy has not had experience with other animals, but may consider sharing his home with other furry friends. He is described as being a lap cat and will even give you kisses! If you are interested in meeting him, visit Waterford today.

brindle dog

WICC Radio
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What does a dog have in common with a door? Well, if it’s 3 year old Mosley it’s the ability to hinge. Mosley is so happy to see new people that he waggles his body like a little hinge. Mosley is a medium sized shepherd hound mix, who is house trained and ready to be a family pet. He enjoys his walks, and is quite polite on the leash. He likes friendly dogs, and is especially comfortable with those that are smaller than him. He do well in a home with kids 10 and up, and lots of couch time for cuddles. Visit him in Westport today.

Sponsored Pets

Local pet lovers and pet-loving businesses make it possible for hard-to-place pets to go home.

grey and white pit bull mix

Sponsored by Monaco Ford
6 years old
Pit bull mix
Altered male

Hova is an active dog and exhibits the typical traits of his breed, so his new family (adults and kids 6+) should be ready to give him lots of exercise and have large dog experience. Hova does not have a history with other pets so may enjoy sharing with a furry friend. Visit him in Newington today!

white cat with yellow eyes

Sponsored by Marisa and Tori
5 years old
Domestic short hair mix
Spayed female

Pastrami is a queen in search of a castle. She wants to live in a home with adults who are cat savvy and can bring her meals in a timely manner. This queen doesn’t compete with peasants for love and attention so she needs to be the only pet.  She is up to date on all of her vaccinations and has already received a dental so she can dazzle you with her beauty. Visit her in Waterford today!

brown tiger cat

Sponsored by Karen
6 years old
Domestic short hair mix
Spayed female

Megs is one of a pair of bonded cats looking for love. Megs and Big Bertha are both 6 years old. They would like to live in a peaceful home with adults and older kids. This pair may be willing to live with a dog or even another cat. Visit them in Waterford today!

Please note: the pets featured here were available at the time of posting. Pets are adopted daily and we cannot guarantee the availability of those pictured. There is always a great selection of companion pets. Visit to view the pets currently available or in person to find the perfect friend for your family!