Pets of the Week

Look who had their 15 minutes of fame this week! The pets love the pupperazzi and the chance to share their stories. Sorry, no pawtographs, but they are accepting interviews for new homes.

blonde puppy with pointy ears

WWYZ Radio
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Tucker is a 4-month old Labrador retriever mix looking for his forever after. He is on the small side so should only grow into a medium sized pup. He has a nice temperament and would be a good fit for just about any family. Just remember, pups need plenty of exercise, training and socializing to help them reach their potential. Visit him in Newington!

Dark tan dachshund mix

Fox CT
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Meet Azul, a 5-month old Dachshund mix. This little lady is very friendly and interested in meeting new people and dogs. She is likely to do well in a home with kids who are gentle with pets and another friendly pooch. Because she’s small, she may be just the ticket for folks who live in small homes or apartments. Visit her in Newington today!

Tan puppy

NBC Connecticut
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Brady is a 3-month old Dachshund mix. This little guy is quite friendly and loves to meet new people. But like all pups, he’ll need a healthy dose of training, exercise and socialization to help him learn to navigate the world with grace. He’s a good fit for just about any family. Visit him in Newington today!

senior black chihuahua mix

WBMW Radio
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Rhett is a 5-year old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. This handsome little guy is reserved around new people. But once he has deemed you “ok” he becomes quite talkative and fun. He may be interested in sharing his new life with a kitty but wants a dog and child free home. Visit Waterford today to meet this handsome boy.

Grey and white cat

Q105 Radio
Taped Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rascal is a 6 year old spayed female seeking a forever home with adults (and maybe calm teens) where she can be the center of attention. She would like to be the only pet in the home. She is active so would do well in a family that likes to spend quality time playing with their kitty. Visit her today in Waterford!

brown pit bull with flowers on head

WICC Radio
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Tena is a 3 year old pig bull…we mean pit bull. This petite, low rider, snorty, brindle gal is a super cuddly mush. She enjoys play dates with similarly sized dogs and loves everyone she meets. She can be occasionally startled by people carrying large objects, but recovers quickly when she realizes it is just another person ready to give her affection. She has a moderate energy level, so after a little run around she will be more than ready to plop down on the couch with you. Meet her Westport.

Sponsored Pets

Local pet lovers and pet-loving businesses make it possible for hard-to-place pets to go home.

older beagle mix

Sponsored by Monaco Ford
8 years old
Beagle mix
Spayed female

Bonita is a sweet older girl who can live in any size home. She’s suited to families with kids over 12 years old and may enjoy sharing her life with another dog. She is not a fan of cats or small pets. This moderate energy pooch would do best with an owner that has previous experience raising hounds or beagles. Visit her in Newington today!

black cat with yellow eyes

Sponsored by Marisa and Tori
12 years old
Domestic short hair mix
Spayed female

Coral is a quiet and reserved kitty who would be happiest in a quiet home where she can enjoy the benefits of peace and tranquility. She has not had much experience with children or other pets but may be willing to share in the right circumstances. Make her dreams come true. Visit her in Newington today!

white cat with grey markings on head

Sponsored by Karen
5 years old
Domestic short hair mix
Spayed female

Pastrami is a queen in search of her castle. She is seeking an adult only home with people who have parented diva’s before. She wants her meals on a timely basis…so don’t forget or she’ll tell you about it. This queen doesn’t compete with peasants so needs to be the only pet in the home so she can have all your attention to herself. Meet her in Waterford.

Please note: the pets featured here were available at the time of posting. Pets are adopted daily and we cannot guarantee the availability of those pictured. There is always a great selection of companion pets. Visit to view the pets currently available or in person to find the perfect friend for your family!