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Brown Boxer dog

2017 Annual Report

The boundless love, emotional support and companionship a pet provides doesn’t belong in a shelter. It belongs on a lap, or curled up at the feet of the most wonderful person on earth, in the most wonderful place of all: home. Forever.

White scruffy dog

2016 Annual Report

A healing touch. It all starts with medical attention, when veterinarians, assistants and technicians provide quality, loving care to each pet ensuring that they will have a healthy future.

tiger kitten

2015 Annual Report

Combine families committed to choosing adoption, and dedicated staff and volunteers who respond “YES” to every challenge, and the generosity of supporters and donors, and you have the magical ingredients for the perfect recipe to achieving daily miracles.

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Senior dog with floppy ears

2019 Winter Pet Life

The tail never wagged. Mandarin felt relieved to be inside and out of the cold. He wouldn’t stop rolling over, purring and asking for attention. But his tail would have no part of it.

Orange Tiger kitten

2018 Fall Pet Life

King was just getting started in life but his hip was already a royal pain. The 1-year old brindle pooch sometimes wouldn’t even use his hind leg because it hurt so bad.

brown and white dog running

2018 Summer Pet Life

Miss Pickles’ days of fending for herself outside were over. No one knows how long she was out there, but two things made it pretty dangerous: She was a tiny kitten, and she was blind.

grey weimaraner

2018 Winter Pet Life

Buddy’s transformation took him from dirty, defeated and homeless, to a cherished companion who knows he’s loved and has a perpetual pep in his step. Read about this 4-year-old Shih Tzu’s journey.