Everyone has a responsibility to care for their pets – that’s what you’re signing on for when you take on an additional family member. Your pets are so reliant on you for everything from food, to bathroom breaks, to their ability to know the feeling of love and a gentle touch. But giving them the care they need is almost always easier said than done. When your best friend isn’t feeling well but the bills are racking up, what are you supposed to do? When you don’t have food on their plate, let alone yours, what are you supposed to do?

The Connecticut Humane Society knows your pet is a part of the family, and knows how devastating it would be to have to sacrifice your relationship with them because of a shortage of resources. That’s why CHS is working so hard to keep families together, forever.

As part of CHS’ commitment to keeping pets in their homes, CHS hosts pop-up wellness clinic events in high-need communities for families who otherwise have limited, if any, access to veterinary care. Last month, 29 families and 44 pets were cared for by the CHS team at a wellness clinic event in Waterbury. Each of the 44 pets got a free exam with staff veterinarian Dr. Andrews and received vaccines, 15 pets were tested for heartworm, and 28 pets received long-lasting flea and tick preventative. A partnership with the city clerk’s office enabled 15 dogs to receive their licenses!

Thanks to the generosity of donors, CHS is able to provide the care that pets need, for the people that can’t always afford it, and this helps to keep families whole. Check out how you can keep pets and their families together forever at this link.