Staff and volunteers at the Connecticut Humane Society work tirelessly to medically and behaviorally treat pets in crisis. Pets stay as long as needed at CHS; they are never euthanized for time, space, breed or age. In 2023, CHS’ live release rate (pets who came to CHS and were successfully placed with families or with other rescue groups, excluding owner-requested euthanasia or animals who were already deceased when brought to CHS) was 96.5%.

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Following is a dashboard of CHS’ lifesaving work on behalf of pets in need. CHS is pleased to participate in Shelter Animals Count, a collaborative nonprofit organization that is home to the national database of sheltered animal statistics. Doing so allows us to be transparent with our community of supporters and disseminate information among animal welfare colleagues across the country so that we may collectively explore and respond to the dynamic shifts in animal welfare at the local, regional and national levels.

*Health includes owner requested euthanasia.