brown tiger cat

We need your help with Tiger. The 1-year-old kitty arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society dragging a wounded, infected back leg.

Could a wild animal have caused her injuries? Had she ever been rabies vaccinated? It’s a mystery, but her future was certain—she’d get the urgent care she needed.

Because of her suspicious wound, state protocol called for an on-site, six-month quarantine. Tiger will be here until August, and such a long stay called for some extra room. So after staff veterinarians amputated her leg and stopped the infection, she got comfy in a CHS office with (rabies vaccinated) human pals.

A pet like Tiger is not easy for an animal welfare organization to take on. People like you make it possible for CHS to welcome her, give her immediate medical attention and ongoing check-ups and care, and commit to a six-month minimum stay.

Tiger is adjusting to life as a tri-paw during her quarantine. She and her pals here will be ready for adoption this summer once they have all the care and veterinary attention they need. When they finally have their big adoption moment, they’ll have you to thank.