woman with dilute calico cat

Honoring Waterford's Volunteer of the Year, Peggy Barkhouse

Volunteer role: Cat Cuddler, Fur Squad member and laundry room helper

Length of service: 3.5 years

Hours of service: 637 hours

I volunteer because … I want to keep active and love helping animals.

My favorite part of volunteering is … being around the staff and completing my duties.

When I’m not at CHS, I’m … out walking, visiting family, and reading.

I am a … retired teacher.

I’ve been retired since … 2014.

I’m a resident of … Griswold.

My favorite team is … the Boston Red Sox.

My favorite activity to do with my cat is … cozying up on the couch together.

My advice for new volunteers is … enjoy your time here and have a good attitude.

I wish every pet owner would … show more respect for their animal by taking the time to give it attention and love, and keeping it safe.