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Honoring Newington Volunteer Marcia Goodman

Volunteer role: Photographer, foster, pet driver to off-site appointments with specialists, member of the Behavior Mod Squad; 2020 Newington Shelter Volunteer of the Year

Length of service: 13 years

I started volunteering because… I was about to retire from work and wanted to spend time helping innocent victims.

My favorite part of volunteering is… knowing that I play a part in helping to get homeless animals adopted.

My most memorable volunteer experience was… realizing how quickly abused or neglected animals forgive humans and respond positively to affection (and treats!).

I love animals because… they are without guile; they’re innocent victims who look only to give and share love.

I know I am making a difference when… a shy animal starts to come out of his or her shell.

The little things I do to help make a pets’ stay at CHS better include… giving them one-on-one attention, like spending some quiet time with them.

My advice for new volunteers is… (1) to offer to help staff whenever possible – they’re committed to helping animals in need and work hard and can use the help. And (2) take as many training programs as are offered to volunteers.

My favorite things to do outside of CHS include… spending time with my husband and our delightful senior kitty Banjo (adopted in March from CHS) in our camper and spending time preparing for a film discussion class I lead each spring and fall.

My hidden talent is… going to stay hidden. (Just kidding – I can’t think of any hidden talents.)

I think volunteerism is important because… I believe that people who are empathetic have the opportunity and the responsibility to try to begin to make up for the humans without empathy who victimize animals or humans.

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