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Honoring Waterford Volunteer Angela Sherbanee

Volunteer role: Kitten and cat foster mom

Length of service: 2 years

I started volunteering because…I’ve always loved animals, and I started following the Kitten Lady, and she emphasized how important fostering neonatal kittens is. I wanted to make a difference, and save kittens.

My favorite part of volunteering is…the kittens. I get to watch them grow, their personalities come out, and nothing is better than cuddling a kitten.

My most memorable volunteer experience was…fostering a litter of five 6-day old kittens who got really sick. We ended up losing one, but the other four grew into amazing kittens. We ended up adopting one of them, our Snoopy, and he is the best cat ever.

I love animals because…they love you no matter what, when you’re having a bad day they always cuddle you, and they never talk back when you’re talking to them. They make a family better and complete.

I know I am making a difference when…I see our foster kittens get adopted to their forever homes. When I see a kitten go from a bottle to a rambunctious mini cat, it makes me happy that my work is making a difference.

My advice for new volunteers who are fostering is…that it is hard work, and you end up doing a lot of clean-up, and late nights, but it is worth it. Watching kittens grow from bottle babies to full-fledged cats is well worth the hard work.

My favorite things to do outside of CHS are…being with my family, puzzles, traveling, cooking, baking, and walking.

My hidden talent is….according to my daughter, I make the world’s best macaroni and cheese.

I think volunteerism is important because…it opens you up to new experiences and new people, and it challenges you. Fostering has become a passion for me, and I feel that it brings so much more to my life than any other experience (besides raising my kids).

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