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Honoring Waterford Volunteer Dana Johnson

Volunteer role: Foster mom of cats, dogs, and, most recently, rabbits

Length of service: 3.5 years

I started volunteering because…I love animals and it feels good to be helping.

My favorite part of volunteering is…getting to know the animals, learning their stories, and seeing how much the staff at CHS helps them along the way.

My most memorable volunteer experience is…fostering a mama cat and her kittens for 6 weeks. Such a great experience!

I love animals because…most of them are quite easy to please with a bit of love and attention. I feel that having animals is good for your health!

I know I am making a difference when…I can help take the load off of the CHS staff who have so much to do.

My favorite things to do outside of CHS are…spend time with my husband, 3 children and our “foster failure” rescue dog Bella. We are taking her on hikes and to the beach by boat.

I think volunteerism is important because…it’s a wonderful way to give back. I always wish I could do more—but I hope that every little bit counts!

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