Couple with tortie cat

Honoring Newington Volunteers Sue and Jeff Cote

Volunteer Job: Pet Foster Care

Years of Service: 13

Number of Foster Assignments: 124…but the number of pets is higher, since one “assignment” can equal a whole litter!

Fun Fact: Sue’s employer, Travelers, has a matching gift program. CHS receives two $500 grants each year based on Sue’s volunteer hours.

We volunteer because… it provides so many rewarding experiences, like helping kittens grow to be healthy and outgoing, or helping a shy adult cat come out of its shell.

Our favorite part of volunteering is… having kittens born at our house and watching them develop into their unique personalities as they grow.

We’re residents of… East Windsor.

We have 2 adult children… Jillian & Derek, and 2 grandchildren under 2 years.

Our favorite activity to do with our dog is… taking him to different trails and backroads to make the walks more interesting.

Our funniest volunteer memory is when… we were fostering a mother cat with 7 kittens. They all liked to walk around our chest and shoulders at the same time. When they got tired and settled down, it felt like you were wearing a kitten scarf!