woman with white cat

Honoring Westport Volunteer, Beth Babinec

Volunteer roles: Dog Walker, Front Desk Assistant and Humane Educator

Length of Service: 3 years and 2 months

Hours of Service: 622 hours

I volunteer because … I get energized. The animals make me laugh and smile.

My favorite part of volunteering is … being serenaded when I turn on the lights by the lower dog kennels in the morning.

I love animals because … they are the best of us!

I know I am making a difference because … we’ve had many successful adoptions, and pets leave smiling!

When I’m not at CHS, I’m … “crunching numbers,” caring for my “Eskie” and gardening.

I have … 2 children, Chris 25; and Ana; 23.

I have been married … 26 years.

I’m a resident of … Weston, CT.

My hidden talent is … I bake a mean coffee cake!

Most people don’t know that I … grew up on a sheep farm and love adventure travel.

My favorite book is … Great Expectations by Dickens.

My favorite movie is … National Treasure.

My favorite restaurant is … Centro in Fairfield.

My favorite activity to do with my dog is … long walks at the beach.

My favorite band is … Kacey Musgraves.

My advice for new volunteers is … to roll up your sleeves; take part in the good, the bad, and the dirty.

I’ll never forget when I was volunteering and … a semi-feral cat climbed up the blind cord at the front desk.

My funniest volunteer memory is when … Kristen was doing a deep clean in her bunny suit.

My favorite pet at the moment is … Jerri because she’s an overwhelmed new mom.

I wish every pet owner would … “listen” to their pets.

I wish every animal would … have someone to love.

If I could pass a law for animals it would be … owners and pets need to spend more time at school (more than puppy kindergarten) communicating and listening!