Staying in the shelter all day, every day starts to get a bit boring despite all the fun things they get to do with the staff. That is where you come in. Would you give one of these pets a chance to have a nice hike in the woods, a sleepover with your family, or another fun activity off site? Thank you!

Please contact if you are able to foster one of the animals listed below.

Name: Baby

Age: 6 years old

Species: Canine

Breed: Poodle/Bichon Mix

Need:  Everything you have to give!

Staff and volunteers describe Baby as “perfect” and “the best girl” and “the sweetest.”  And they’re all true.  Baby is a perfect little girl in search of some field trips and sleepovers while she awaits her dental here at CHS.  So far, she is just a wiggly friend of every person she’s met and wants to be both by your side and in your lap.  She’s an adorable little chunk looking for companionship outside of the shelter while she awaits her medical procedure (she spends her days right now hanging out upstairs while the admin staff ooh and ahh over her cuteness).

***Please note: Field trip/sleepover dogs are typically available for adoption. The foster team will make every effort to notify you prior to any field trip or sleepover if that pet has been adopted. Our shelter is currently open to the public from 12-4:30 daily for adoption.***