The families of the pets listed below are going through a crisis but don’t want to be permanently separated from their beloved furry friends. By taking on one of these critters, you are keeping a family together. Thank you!

Please contact if you are able to foster one of the animals listed below.

Name: Precious

Age: 9 years old (but thinks she is 1!)

Species: Canine

Breed: Jack Russel/Beagle mix

Need: 4-6 weeks of foster care

Precious is in need of a foster home while her owner works through a crisis.  Precious bonds quickly to her person once she meets you.  She is timid and oh so vocal.  She has lived previously with an 11 month old German Shepherd.  Interactions with resident dogs are required prior to fostering.  Precious has a high prey drive and a home without cats is needed. Did we mention that Precious is vocal?  If not take note- she is super vocal!