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Zayn the cat

There was something different in the room where small dogs usually stay. There were jingle balls and a cardboard scratcher.  And…a cat.

That’s what you have to do when a 27-pounder arrives! When Zayn entered Connecticut Humane Society doors, he needed special accommodations. A cat condo wasn’t going to cut it. In fact, he needed a foster home ASAP where he could have a “personal trainer” encouraging him to walk and move throughout the day and evening.

This 6-year-old’s weight was also causing a different complication. Veterinarians found a plum-sized mass on his chest that needed to be removed, and his teeth were begging for dental work. But surgery wasn’t safe until he slimmed down.

Zayn headed to a volunteer foster home, where he enjoyed being brushed (it was hard for him to groom himself) and even had fun “running” down a hallway before getting his meals. The extra space and attention, along with a special diet prescribed by CHS veterinarians, worked wonders. After nearly three months of care from his foster mom and CHS’ medical team, Zayn was down to 22 pounds and ready for surgery.

Veterinarians diagnosed the mass as a cyst, discovered two others, and removed them all to prevent them from growing further and causing discomfort. Zayn got a big clean-up in his mouth, too, where some teeth were already missing and others needed to be extracted.

Meanwhile, CHS staff member Tiffany couldn’t stop thinking about the chubby kitty.

“There was something in him the first time I saw him—the blue eyes, a really gentle soul in an overly large body, who just wanted to be your friend, and I knew almost as soon as he came into CHS that I wanted him to be a part of my family,” she says.

When Zayn had fully healed from his surgeries, Tiffany officially adopted him. He surprised her when he jumped onto the back of a recliner chair with ease!

“He’s doing really well, and is losing weight and exercising a lot. When he gets zoomies, the whole house can hear him, and he charges up and down the stairs two at a time,” Tiffany added. “He’s fitting in really well and loves his sleeping places (we got him a small dog bed, because a cat bed was too small!). And yes, he loves his food!”

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